Frequently asked questions

1. How does governance change in a Multi Academy Trust?

All member schools in the Trust have a local governing body with their own Chair of Governors.  The Chair and Headteacher are Members of the Board of Trustees.

2. If we join the Trust do we have to change the name of the school?

No.  A school may retain its name unless the Local Governing Body and Headteacher wish to change it.

3. Would we need to change our uniform?

No.  The uniform can remain the same.

4. Do Terms & Conditions change for teachers?

The staff become employees of the Trust.  The Trustees issue a “Memorandum of Understanding” which currently offers to maintain or better national terms for pay and conditions.

5. Would the curriculum change in an Academy?

Not necessarily.  Academies have greater flexibility than maintained schools regarding the National Curriculum but all schools have to offer a broad and balanced curriculum.

6. How would it affect our budget?

Schools who join the Multi Academy Trust benefit from additional revenue through economies of scale.  More of the budget is retained for school use as less is top sliced to the Local Authority.

7. Do we need to change our school signage?

No.  Where signage is replaced we would expect to see the Trust logo on any new sign.