We recognise how important it is for you to be able to identify with your academy’s AIMS and the influence this might have when you considering joining one. This is why we begin by clearly setting out the Trust’s vision for the future. The following AIMS should enable us to adapt and thrive according to the ever-changing requirements that modern academies face. These AIMS reflect our recognition of excellence and desire to help each pupil to meet their full potential. These AIMS will ensure that every element of the Trust is strong.

Our vision is to develop South Shropshire Academy Trust to deliver outstanding educational opportunities and outcomes for young people.

The Trust has adopted four AIMS which inform its development plan:-

AIM1 To deliver excellence in education for all pupils.
AIM 2 To model best practice in governance and strategic planning.
AIM 3 To develop and grow the Trust in order to provide a sustainable operational model.
AIM 4 To become a lead provider in Multi Academy Trust Services.


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