Stokesay Primary School

Stokesay Primary School in Craven Arms has approximately 140 pupils, including Nursery. We take pupils into Nursery from the term after their 3rd birthday. Our Nursery is fully staffed and resourced, and is led by a qualified teacher. Whilst Nursery pupils follow their own curriculum and have their own separate areas in which to learn and develop, they are also fully integrated into the school and prepared for the next stage of their education through involvement in the daily routines of the rest of the school (ie. assemblies, PE, music sessions).

We have two buildings as part of our school site, a more modern building, currently for all of our Foundation Stage children and Year One, with Years 2 – 6 in a traditional Victorian-era school building very close by. Staff and pupils in both buildings have extremely close links, so that we maintain the vital ‘feel’ of being one unified school. Having these two sites can be a real advantage for the children, as it allows us plenty of space to split into smaller, more focused groups.

Like so many schools, Stokesay has experienced a number of changes in recent years. Unfortunately, in November 2011, Stokesay was placed into ‘Special Measures’ by Ofsted. A huge amount of work has gone into improving every aspect of school since then. The whole school staff and governance team pulled together, including work with our partners in the MAT and other local leaders in education, to improve outcomes in all areas as quickly as possible. Following these improvements, Stokesay was ‘upgraded’ by Ofsted to a status of ’requiring improvement’ in February 2014. While we celebrate the upward curve that our school is on, we will not be happy until Ofsted, staff, parents and most importantly, the children all agree that Stokesay is ‘Outstanding’. In November 2014, the school converted to become an academy, as part of the South Shropshire Academy Trust, with Church Stretton School as our sponsoring academy. Since then the school has continued its improvement in all areas. Our aim is to not just match, but exceed national averages in all areas as soon as possible, to provide the best start in life for every child. We are all excited by recent changes and are looking forward to greater success in the very near future, with the advantages that close collaboration with Church Stretton School brings.

We work hard to ensure that our curriculum is varied and interesting, and we regularly review our provision to take into account the interests and needs of all children. We are fortunate to have a specialist music teacher in school every week, and make use of other specialist staff, such as sports coaches and language specialists from Church Stretton School, in addition to Stokesay’s own experienced and talented staff. We hold many events throughout the year to enrich the curriculum, such as special curriculum ‘themes’(i.e “When Mr Wolf broke into school!”), educational visits, as well as making use of the local environment. Regular special events, such as ‘Seaside Day’, Mothers’ Day assemblies or Christmas performances also add to this.

We are extremely proud of the excellent pastoral support available in school. For example, we offer a breakfast club, nurture group and homework club for children, as well having a Family Support Worker and running parent groups, such as our ‘Understanding your Child’ workshops. We strongly believe that children learn best if they are happy and engaged in their learning, and the role of parents/carers is vital in this. So, we encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s learning, through early morning ‘jobs’ to include parents and children, homework, reading, phonics work, as well as having a strong friends of school (F.O.S.S) organisation. We also put on workshops for parents/carers, in areas such as maths, phonics and grammar, to help our parents to better support their children’s learning.

Please feel free to have a good look through our main school website too. We are very proud of all of our pupils and the direction in which the school is heading. We hope that the information and the photographs you will find offer a snapshot of our happy, welcoming school…a school most definitely on the up!

More info at;  Stokesay School

Mr D Peterson
Head of School