Church Stretton School

Welcome to Church Stretton School – An Academy for Students Aged 11 – 16. We are a highly subscribed school, catering for students aged from 11 all the way through to their GCSE examinations.
Church Stretton School is thriving and amongst the top performing schools academically in Shropshire and our local area. We place our emphasis on ensuring all of our students achieve the qualifications, and equally importantly the skills to be successful in the ever changing world around us.
We are justifiably proud of our school and our students’ achievements, their attitude to learning and behaviour is excellent and they enjoy the learning experiences provided by our hard working and well qualified staff. The curriculum we offer our students is broad, balanced and enables all students to excel and pursue their areas of interest.
Whilst our students’ academic performance is strong, our encouragement of participation in extracurricular opportunities is of equal importance, with an offer which is wide and varied. From the Duke of Edinburgh award to work in the arts, music and sport to name a few, along with the many opportunities for trips and visits locally and in other countries, we believe that students in Church Stretton School receive the excellent education that they deserve, and we value the contribution our students make to the life and success of what we do.
Church Stretton School is determined that students will receive the excellent education that they deserve.

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Mr. J. Parr
Head of School